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The tiPRO company was founded in 2006 and since then more than 50 various online projects have been created and developed in about 10 countries: Lithuania, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Hungary, Macedonia, etc. Most of these projects are leaders in their categories: food, childcare, health, sports, clothing exchange, etc. Most of our business in Lithuania has been sold to the largest Lithuanian media group, the acquisition process will be completed in 2023. We also provide photo and video services and our own photo and video studios.

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What We Do

We know what content people are interested in and we are able to create and develop those content projects.

Media project

We know what content people are most interested in.


We know how to make content projects the most popular in their categories.


Our media sales are among the largest because we are well versed in B2B, RTB and content project sales.

Photo, Video

We have our own photo and video studios and high-quality equipment to produce high-quality photo and video content for the Internet.


Check out some of our projects

Web news portal

News always on time.

Project management

Recipes website for food lovers and others!

Project management

It's all about sport!

Project management

Parents portal.

Project management

Basketball portal.

Project management


Our Clients

tiPRO has been honored to partner up with these clients

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